The Hills TX Board & Train

Need a board and train program for your dog in The Hills TX? Have a more enjoyable pet through Chasing Life Dog Training’s board and train program.  A well-behaved dog is a happy dog!  Whether your dog needs a little guidance or a lot, allow our skilled professionals to work one on one with them in several environments in our board and train programs.

We offer a 28-day program for dogs over 6 months of age. A relationship bond combined with obedience training will allow you and your dog the freedom to explore the world with confidence.  A unique feature of our board and train program is that it includes six one-hour follow up sessions to be used as needed.

Chasing Life Dog Training can reduce stress for both you and your dog.  We take pride in creating an enduring relationship between a dog and their owner.  Selene, our owner, is a professional trainer and it is her passion to teach dog owners how to lay a strong foundation for a happy and well balanced dog.  Chasing Life Dog Training has several options available to help your dog to become a well behaved member of your family.  Train at our facility, in your home or via our board and train program.

Our board and train program will allow you to enjoy walking your dog again!  Call today to discuss any behavior issues that you may be encountering, and we will individualize a behavior modification program to meet your needs.  We have a great love of dogs and it is our goal to help all dogs and dog owners live a great life together.

Chasing Life Dog Training serves The Hills TX 78738.