West Lake Hills Board & Train

The Chasing Life Dog Training board and train programs will allow you to enjoy walking your dog again.  Whether your dog needs a little guidance or a lot, allow our skilled professionals to work one on one in several environments with them in our board and train programs.  We offer a 28 day program for dogs over 6 months of age.  Commands, proper leash manners and an introduction to the e-collar are topics covered by our dog trainers.  Obedience training combined with a relationship bond will allow you and your dog the freedom to explore the world with confidence.  The 28-day Simply Amazing Dog program at Chasing Life Dog Training focuses on reinforcing positive behavior and command comprehension.

Chasing Life Dog Training also has a behavior modification board & train program for dogs who may be experiencing issues with aggression, resource guarding, anxiety, fear issues or reactivity on-leash.  If you are experiencing an issue not listed, please call for a free consultation.  We can individualize our program to meet the needs of your dog.  Our dog trainers will help strengthen proper leash manners and train the basics as needed.  An evaluation is required for the behavior modification program after which program length and pricing can be determined.

Reach us at (737)777-0706 today if you are interested in the Chasing Life Dog Training board and train program.  This program is typically booked a few months in advance.  It is our goal to help all dogs and dog owners to live in harmony in the West Lake Hills area.  We have a great love of dogs and would enjoy helping you to train a family pet that people can enjoy both inside and outside your home.

Chasing Life Dog Training serves the 78746 West Lake Hills zip code along with the surrounding areas.  Call us today to enjoy a more confident and calm dog.  A well behaved dog is a happy dog!