Bee Cave Dog Trainers

Are you looking for a dog trainer in Bee Cave, Texas? Would you like to have a dog that everyone can enjoy both inside and outside your home?  Chasing Life Dog Training takes pride in coaching dog owners through the training phases of owning a dog.  Selene, our owner, is a professional trainer and it is her passion to instruct dog owners in laying a strong foundation for a happy and well-balanced dog.  There are several options available to accomplish this including weekly sessions at our facility or training at your home and/or board and train at our dog training center.  Whether you choose to train in your home or at our facility, you will reduce stress for both you and your dog.  Enjoy walking your dog again!

Chasing Life Dog Training provides a solid foundation for:

  • Sit/Stay/Come
  • Recall
  • Leash Walks
  • Off Leash Heel
  • Down/Stay
  • Break
  • Place Command

Other areas of dog training include:

  • Housebreaking and Crate Training
  • Excessive Barking
  • Waiting on Food
  • Off/Leave-It/Out
  • Nipping/Jumping
  • Leash Chewing/Biting

Our complete two-week training program is designed to train your dog on the basic commands listed above.  Chasing Life Dog Training will allow you to enjoy walking your dog again.  Contact us to discuss any behavior issues that you may be encountering.  We have a great love of dogs and can create an individualized behavior modification plan to meet your needs.  It is our goal to help all dogs and dog owners to live in harmony. To consult with our Bee Cave dog trainer, call (737) 777-0706.

Chasing Life Dog Training serves Bee Cave, TX 77838 and the surrounding area.