Dog Trainers Cedar Park TX

Selene with Chasing Life Dog Training is passionate about her love of dogs and feels called to help frustrated dog owners in Cedar Park become happy ones through her training and behavior modification programs.

Making her training even more convenient, she is available to meet locally in Cedar Park or your dog can be involved in the board and train program. Either program works lovingly with your pet to instill the following basic commands for proper dog behavior: Sit/stay, down/stay, come, recall, place command, walking on a leash, and off leash heel. A reward based system is used and can easily be followed at home.

Cedar Park will have the most well-behaved dogs because the training program emphasis taking care of the following minor behavior issues: nipping/jumping, excessive barking, leash chewing/biting, waiting on food. Chasing Life Dog Training in Cedar Park will also address crate training, good manners with other dogs and off (for unwanted behaviors), leave it (to leave any object alone) and out (let go of any object).

These are pillars for developing a strong habit for a happy and balanced dog.

Chasing Life Dog Training in Cedar Park Texas looks forward to hearing from you and helping frustrated dog owners become happy dog owners. Call Selene today at (737) 777-0706 to set up a free consultation.