Dog Training Round Rock TX

If you are looking to train your dog, look no further than Chasing Life Dog Training in Round Rock, Texas.  Selene is an incredible trainer whose passion and love for dogs is demonstrated in every aspect of the training program.  There are a few options available to accomplish this, either through a weekly program or board and train.

Selene makes it so convenient for you, by meeting her clients locally in Round Rock or the surrounding area to work with you.  She works diligently to provide accomplish the following basic commands:

  • Sit/Stay
  • Come
  • Down/Stay
  • Place Command
  • Walking Nicely on a Leash and Off Leash Heel
  • Recall and Break

Behavior issues will also be addressed in her training program to eliminate and take care of the following:

  • Crate Training
  • Nipping, Jumping
  • Excessive Barking
  • Waiting on Food
  • Off (for unwanted behaviors), Leave It (to leave any object alone), Out (let go of any object)
  • Leash Chewing
  • Good Manners with Other Dogs

The Board & Train Option in Round Rock is a complete two-week program establishing good command training and addressing any bad behaviors you may be encountering.  The training provided for your dog is essential to you and your needs.  If you are need of a dog trainer in Round Rock, please call Selene at (737) 777-0706.  She can provide a free consultation and help you get started developing a happy and well-balanced dog.