Puppy Training Austin TX

If you live in the Austin area and are in need of puppy training, look no further than Chasing Life Dog Training. Our passionate trainers love to help new puppy owners train their puppies to set good foundations for life in their new home. We cover basic commands for sit/stay/down and work on housebreaking and crate training. We want to start your new one on the right path to a happy and well-balanced dog. Puppies should be 8 weeks through 6 months and have had all of their required vaccines.

Exceptional Puppy Training in Austin

We provide exceptional puppy training with family involvement for new puppy owners in Austin, Texas. Once completed, you will have everything needed for a well-behaved puppy. We will teach fundamental commands and work on any behavior issues as well. This is done in four weekly sessions of one hour each. Additional work with your puppy to work on their sit, stay, and down skills and their leash training skills will be required to bring what they are learning into their home environment. It is our passion to send home well-behaved puppies to their families.